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About us

Limonte exclusively uses scientifically proven methods, but always suited and customized to your specific challenges and needs. Thanks to years of relevant (international) experience and high-level expertise, we are the bridge between individuals, teams, management and other dynamics that occur in organizations. We respect confidentiality, sensitivities and objectivity like no other, enabling your organization to establish real dialogues, strengthen the group dynamics and culture and manage realistic expectations.

Our team of experts

Our organization is known for its professionalism. A number of qualified coaches and trainers work with us on a regular basis. Thanks to this broad network, you can be reassured that your organization’s challenges are being handled by a coach/trainer who has the right experiences and skills. All of our coaches are highly educated and have a broad experience in companies and organizations.

This way, you can be reassured that you have the right trainer for facing your organization's challenges.

Kristien Van Lembergen Connect with Kristien

Master in Business Psychology specialized in conflicts & excellent collaboration in management teams.

Conflict mediator at international organizations in a number of industries (petrochemical, chemical, production, energy solutions, automotive, entertainment, social economy, banking, partnerships (law firms, architects, medical professions, etc.). Advisor on conflict management and organizational strategy for a few world leaders. Lector ‘Conflictmanagement’: International School for Protocol & Diplomacy. Trained by Marshall Rosenberg's pupil in non-violent communication.

Accredited by: Federal Government Justice & Belgian Commission of Psychologists. Percentile 95 in Negotiation skills, scaled by Harvard & Vlerick Business School.


  • Education International
  • Belgian Shell Oil Company
  • Makro
  • ISPD
  • SPES
  • Edwards Life Science
  • Eurocadres
  • Oleon
  • Aviapartner
  • Wereld Missie Hulp

We stand for ...

  • 01

    Professional deontology

    Confidentiality & GDPR.

  • 02

    Equality between people

    All humans are equal and every person is unique. We are aware of differences in background, cultural differences, different sexual interests, differences in ability, different languages, etc. When people work together to reach a certain outcome, differences can be challenging. We do not underestimate their effects, but we will recognize this challenge and we are able to offer customized support.

  • 03

    Ethical, servant & world-impact leadership

  • 04

    Copy-left license

    We invite everyone to share best & worst practices, send us your insights to benefit the world. We thrive when we break the many taboos about conflicts & the hurdles on the road you will be confronted with as a leader.

  • 05

    Cut-the-crap, pure & essence