Your gain

Your gain


  • Take on conflicts & steer them in the right direction
  • Get headspace to find a peaceful way out of conflicts
  • Influence others
  • Cope with resistance
  • Turn tensed negotiations & conflicts to your advantage
  • Prevent outbursts of frustration and escalation of conflicts
  • Prevent that partners and employees drop out, become sick for long periods of time, become aggressive, commit suicide or harm the organization’s image
Your gain


  • Deliver difficult feedback to partners & staff
  • Build an outstanding team that is connected & productive
  • Manage team dynamics
  • Prevent stress & burn-out of team leaders
  • Cope with aggression, intimidation & manipulation
  • Prevent (sexual) harassment & bullying
Your gain

of the organization

  • Courage to ruffle feathers and drive change to grow your organization
  • Insights in your organization
  • Strategic goal-setting
  • Operational decisions in accordance with strategy
  • Focus on the elephant (bigger goal) and do not waste your time with the daily rabbits (daily hassles)
Your gain

as a leader

  • Face your blind spot
  • Act in accordance with your moral compass
  • Learn strategies to help manage your challenges
  • Build self-confidence
  • Make decisions on personal life domains, your personal career plan
  • Be agile in extreme & stressful situations